Your diary has to be articulate to comprehend

Thoughts are what makes up your inner self, your mind is a reflection of your feelings, emotions, and thoughts. A diary is a book that contains your discrete feelings about life generally both positive and negative. It consists of activities both past and present, an action plan, goals, aspirations as well as future ambitions. This is what makes it discrete, which is why you may have to avoid divulging the content in it. More often than not, a diary is usually a place to gallivant, express yourself without questioning, interruption, or condemnations. Numerous occurrences take place daily even when not planned for, it just happens.

Life is filled with too many

Life is filled with too many uncertainties so much that you cannot always predict the future. Discussing such uncertainty with others might somewhat be tiring such that the only option might just be to pen down your emotions, as well as the possible way forward. The attention-span is reducing day by day, which is why a diary might just be your last resort. The exciting moments, challenging times, special moments, memorable events are what your diary should consist of.

Your diary has to be articulate to comprehend

To create a proper and accurate piece of writing for your diary, you may have to consider certain procedures that would aid a smooth diary content. Your journal might have to be structured in a way that it is easy for you to reference when needed. A date should start your diary, this is so a person can track what happens when, where, and how. For this reason, time is also an essential approach that cannot be left out of a diary. Time indicates the moments of occurrence.

However, you can always be sure about your records when it is assigned a date and a time. Know that when you write, you are probably writing in reported speech. Alternatively, the writing format for this diary has to be simple, present tense perhaps future tense. Diary write-ups have to convey a good grammatical part of speech with a more comprehensive structure.

Imagine you lost someone very dear to your heart to a road accident, even though you both were in the vehicle, only you survived. That’s a tragic event that portrays sadness, guilt, regrets e.t.c. This experience will prolly hurt you when remembered because it happened in front of your eyes. It’s an event that has to be recorded in detail in the form of writing. Your diary requires all the information that might seem difficult to discuss with someone.