Word entry limit in a diary and the importance of keeping a diary

In writing a personal journal or diary, there are simply no rules to follow, there is no word limit to restrict yourself to. If you’re in the mood to write just a one-word entry in an entire day to summarize what you went through that day, then go for it. Or you’re feeling like pouring out how your day started, progressed, and ended for that day, you are free to write a 20 paged entry. You can decide to pen down your thoughts, feelings, emotions until your pen runs out of ink or your hands get a cramp, don’t overload yourself with many rules, and expectations. So get a diary today and start penning down your daily events for safe keeping, knowing there is no word entry limits when it’s a personal diary.

Diary entries are not limited except

Diary entries are not limited except in certain cases that a writer is asked to limit the number of word entries, this may be in a school test or exam, and the word limits are stated for clarity. But you write at your discretion when you’re doing it for yourself, it’s your choice to decide the number of words you want to be entered and at which pace you want them registered. Writing a diary is a perfect way to harness your writing skills and improve on them so as you use a diary, have this objective in mind. There’s a fear of disapproval from others that preys on people, this fear limits the impacts people can exhibit but the absence of such fears removes such limitations. This can be likened to the use of a diary, it’s your way of telling your story, without any scrutiny, you’re the judge of your feelings as your writing abilities are improved.

Word entry limit in a diary and the importance of keeping a diary

The covers of your diaries are as secured gates, shutting the world out, with the sole power of allowing what goes in or comes out ascribed to you. There is a fertile land to lay beauties of unique words, characters, and spill your deepest, darkest secrets, it’s a place to be heard. You can invent lots of new phrases, catchwords as your heart desires, doing this helps to vividly describe feelings, helping to recall these exact feelings some other day. Lots of readers love reading a writer who loves to write a good read, as you use a diary you become a more sophisticated writer, you conjure words and use them in unique ways that are splendid to the ears.

Writing is proven an excellent means of venting out your anger, frustration, happiness, joy, and helps calm your nerves, stabilizing you after a difficult day. Your mind is organized when things are written down, you’re able to compartmentalize disordered info in your mind using a diary. Diaries also improve memory, documenting events for particular days helps to commit them to memory for a longer time. It also helps when there’s a need to reference a past event vividly, as there are records of dates, venues, and different people.