Kingsdragon Lcd Writing Tablet {panda}

KingsDragon LCD writing tablet is recommended for 3 years and above, it offers a perfect drawing tool for small boys and girls with big imaginations, this item is not suitable for kids below the age of 3 years. The tablet is portable and the kids enjoy learning new things that help a lot towards the kid becoming creative. This amazing toy speeds up the mind of a child and ensures the kid is not bored at any given time. LCD writing tablet drawing Doodle Board has all drawing tools and rainbow colors on the screen that a child requires in improving on his drawing skills.

Everything is paperless and the child

Everything is paperless and the child can practice writing all the letters, this is more than a school to children. Those who have tested the tablet are giving positive reviews and found it great for small children. KingsDragon Tablet has a stylus tie on the doodle board prevents it from being lost through a lanyard when the kid is in outdoor. The tablet also offers a high-quality screen that does not scratch or leave any leftover prints. A clear button in the form of a nose offers a one-click to erase option and other options that appear to be time saving and convenient when using the tablet. KingsDragon has a writing pen that has an extra anti-lost storage space to ease writing and keep it close when not in use for avoiding losing the pen.

A click-lock at the back of

A click-lock at the back of the tablet saves all the content you need. KingsDragon writing tablet has a lithium metal battery {CR2032} that last for 6 months and does not require any charging because the battery is replaceable. The screen does not glare and your eyes do not have to keep struggling after using for long, ensuring your eyes are protected from excess light. How hard you push with your nail or stylus affects the thickness of words and lines you draw, the more you push harder the thicker the lines.

Kingsdragon Lcd Writing Tablet {panda}

This writing tablet is made of durable plastic material with round corners that prevent the board from breaking especially when it drops. The educational toy can also be used for graphic aids, a magic children’s board and a variety of other uses that keep you kid enjoying and busy. A panda shaped cartoon image is designed for kids and most of them will never want to leave their panda friend, it is the most valuable present to surprise a kid and will entirely change his life. The wonderful writing tablet is slim, lightweight and fits good on a small size school bag, encouraging the kid to carry it on multiple occasions.

One of the best features is that you can stop the board from being erased accidentally through an anti-delete lock. It is adorable for toddlers and is fun being used by anyone. KingsDragon LCD tablet keeps your art brain active and helps in focusing the brain especially for small kids. This item can be used for years, the only maintenance required is the battery after a long time.