Decide, Be Frequent and Date Your Diary

If you could have a documentary of yourself, it would be a nice achievement, all your thoughts, feelings, and fears are placed together in one big pile. As humans, there’s a need to document our thoughts, maybe this is what births the idea of owning diaries. They have served as personal documentaries for various individuals both in past and present. Having a diary is important, it mirrors your thoughts back to you, your progress can be monitored by the things recorded within its pages. Filing the pages of a diary seems like a rather fun-filled process, but it comes after starting. A major confusion is usually the purpose of writing because, there are several purposes that can be chosen from, food, emotions, family, and more.

To write a diary, the basic

To write a diary, the basic decision of ‘what you’ll be writing about’ must be made. Now, you shouldn’t allow yourself to spend much time trying to figure out what you’ll be writing about. Starting from any random area is often the best, this way you will feel less pressured about limiting your diary to an area when other areas have juicy information. The more notes you take notes down, it’ll be more clear it is to you what part of your life that’s mostly noted. When this is settled, the next consideration should be how frequently you plan on writing, it’s usually best to write more often.

Decide, Be Frequent and Date Your Diary

The more you document your diary, you’ll find out how useful it is, compared to using it occasionally. A particular time of the day can make any diary perfect, decide on whether mornings, or late nights would be best for you. Ensure that whatever time selected is convenient, it should allow you at least 30 minutes of space to relax and jot down. Writing in a diary is like a huge pile of letters for a friend who can never break your trust, or an imaginary friend. This means you’ll have to introduce yourself, and the best position for it is at the beginning pages. Simply state who you are, and the purpose of your diary.

Diaries are supposed to be relatable, that is, certain events should easily be pointed out on it. Taking notes of events will be possible if time-frames are attached to them. Be sure to add relevant dates each time stuff is recorded in your diary, this will bring your day to life, and one day, as you go through you’ll better relate with how certain events made you feel. There are no hassles in keeping a diary, no need for formal write-ups, be relaxed as your deepest thoughts are written. Try to make it a fun process where necessary too, even though recording deep emotions is very common, it’s also healthy to record happy times.

A diary can be compared to a personal archive, where we can pen down thoughts about events and people. It’s necessary to state the purpose of it, record it regularly with attached dates, and use a good time-frame each day. When you do this, you will discover how useful a diary can be.