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Want to check out our live feed of the work going on in the hangar? Launch the Posey Cam.

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Posey Brothers Inc. is located at the Trenton-Robbinsville Airport in New Jersey.


Stearman 4E—PAGE 2
(Click on any image for a larger photo.)
Dave and Larry fit
the new cowling pieces
Top LH wing Stearman 4E
4E in position to
receive its wings
Another Shot
Upper LH wing
hoisted into position
Lower LH wing being
mated to fuselage

Mr. Lopez prepares
the wing hoisting tools
The muscle behind the hoist
It is getting close now

As of 2/28/2006 the 4E has been reassembled and taxi tested. It was found that the carburetor needed some work. It should be ready for reassembly shortly and this beautiful machine will be able to take to the air once more.

APRIL 2007

Just a quick update on the 4E. The aircraft has been flying beautifully this past year.
However it was determined that there was a better solution for brakes on this aircraft.
The pictures below show the installation of Redline disc brakes on the 4E and though they may not be original equipment they should make the aircraft more manageable.

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