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Posey Brothers Inc. is located at the Trenton-Robbinsville Airport in New Jersey.


Pitcairn PCA2 Autogiro

After many years of caring for Steve Pitcairn's PCA-2, it is now permanently at the EAA Museum. The following chronicles the assembly and lights at Oshkosh.

The PCA2 Autogiro was scheduled to go to Oshkosh for the convention during the summer of 2005. Unfortunately last minute situations precluded this. In September of 2005, Stephen Pitcairn elected to have the Autogiro disassembled and trucked to the Kermit Weeks hangar at Oshkosh. He then flew out with a group to reassemble and fly the Autogiro. After a successful session of flying, the only airworthy PCA2 Autogiro, painted in the "Miss Champion" livery, was permanently enshrined in the EAA museum. The Autogiro can be seen at EAA's "Pioneer Field" in the "Pitcairn Aviation" hangar. This page shows some of the reassembly process.

(Click on any image for a larger photo.)

The video below shows the Pitcairn PCA2 Autogiro flying.

Mike & Larry prepare
for the flight to Oshkosh
Larry meditates on
the seriousness of the
job at hand while winging toward Oshkosh
Mike & "The Boss"
at 28,000 feet
Mike tells Larry to grab that thing before it gets away!
Mike installs the propeller on Miss Champion.

Tip of the main rotor blade

Larry & Dan prepare the main rotor for installation
"Miss Champion" being prepared for main rotor installation
Another shot of "Miss Champion", EAA's B-17 is undergoing restoration behind the Autogiro
Larry replaces an abrasion strip on top of rotor blade
Mike installs aileron bellcrank cover
"The Boss" cleans
up the windshield
Mike guides the
Main rotor home
Larry stabilizes the main rotor as it is lowered onto the mast pylon
Mike aligns the lock tab slots on the main rotor
Wheeled out for testing
Looking from the tip of the "Black" blade
"The Boss" fuels "Miss Champion"
Runs great
At home in front of
the EAA's Pitcairn Aviation hangar with Stephen,
Mike & Larry
Mike gives the Autogiro one last look over
In the hangar amongst its contemporaries
The crew:
Dan, Paul, Larry,
Stephen, Ric, & Mike