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Want to check out our live feed of the work going on in the hangar? Launch the Posey Cam.

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Posey Brothers Inc. is located at the Trenton-Robbinsville Airport in New Jersey.


Stearman M2—PAGE 4
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MARCH 2008
Progress continues on the M2. These shots were taken late fall of 2007.
The fuselage is being covered then taken to the paint hangar.
The fuselage and wings in the paint hangar in green.
The fuselage in silver/ baggage door detail
Top wing center section
Kelly shoots the
emblem base
Watch out! Dave is
welding a screwdriver.
The engine installed on the M2

10/13/2008 These pictures were taken this morning. They should give you an idea of the progress that has been made in the last year. We are expecting to run the engine shortly. I will try to get a video of the first engine run & post it here.

Hidden modern avionics
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