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Want to check out our live feed of the work going on in the hangar? Launch the Posey Cam.

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Posey Brothers Inc. is located at the Trenton-Robbinsville Airport in New Jersey.


Stearman M2—PAGE 2
(Click on any image for a larger photo.)
MAY 2005
M2 lower LH wing & aileron
M2 upper wing spars
M2 fuselage from rear
M2 fuselage from front
M2 fuselage bottom with M2 lower wing in rack
M2 fuselage fuel tank (looking from pilot seat)
Fuselage LH side showing inside tub corrugations
M2 fuselage turtle
deck stringers
M2 throttle quadrant
M2 wing tip bow detail
Upper RH wing for the M2. The aileron and a piece of cowling for the 4E rest on top. The tail feathers are visible to the left.
Another shot of the wing, aileron, and tail for the M2.
M2 fuselage

M2 Upper wing center section with fuel tank

Cockpit details.
Rudder pedals, seat
Here Mike stands next to the upper RH wing in the rolling jig. It is big.
Joe Rommel at work
on the upper wing.

Mike & Larry with M2 wing

Mike weaves a loop
in a control cable.
Dave Rocchi fabricates a steel component for the landing gear.
Larry works on the firewall
Wing, Fuse, and the steamer box used to prep wood for bending.
APRIL 2006
The left wing of the M2 in the work jig, The fuselage in progress, and the right wing spars on horses with
a few ribs in place
Compression ribs with some standard ribs on the spars
Mike planes some high spots on the aft spar
Larry and Dave working on a side panel for the fuselage
Checking details from
some old photos
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