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Posey Brothers Inc. is located at the Trenton-Robbinsville Airport in New Jersey.


Stearman M2

Shown to the left in its jig is the fuselage being fabricated for the only remaining Stearman M2 Speedmail. This is one of our current projects, and it has entailed a large amount of fabrication. The original fuselage was recovered from a lake in the Yukon Territory and was in very poor shape. To date, the elevators, rudder, horizontal, and vertical stabilizers have been completed. In addition the ribs for the wings have all been fabricated, and the upper center section that houses the fuel tank is almost complete. Many of the components on the original fuselage have been removed and cleaned up to assess whether they can be reused. With much of the major structure complete, the project now requires concentration on all the details to finish the aircraft.

Our project Stearman was number 9055. It was one of only seven built near the end of the open cockpit biplane era, and was used by Varney Airlines. Shown in flight to the right is number 9054, one of it's siblings.

Click on the photo at left to see a larger version of the actual aircraft in 1931. It is number 18 in the picture.

February 2004
The fuselage has been removed from the jig and the vertical and horizontal stabilizers, along with elevators and rudder have been installed for fitting purposes. Work on the main fuel tank is taking place as the wing spars continue to be built up. The trim system is being installed, and the seat rails are being installed. You can see the relative position of the instrument panel in the photos below.
(Click on any image for a larger photo.)

Fuselage taken
from the loft.
Shot from the floor. Note the instrument panel.
Shot from the rear. Some of the trim system can be seen just above the ladder.

Shot of James working on a baffle for the fuel tank. Not very exciting but we had to get James in there.


Mid March 2004
The fuel tank for the upper wing is being readied for welding. The wings are starting to be built up and the elevator trim system is almost complete.
Here James is working on the baffling for the upper wing fuel tank. You can see the wing center section on the bench behind him.
A shot of the lower right wing undergoing buildup.

In the pictures on either side you can see the elevator trim system.
The actuator has been positioned, and the control tube has been routed to
the cockpit. The actuator
is shown in the full nose down position.

November 2004
M2 wing
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