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Posey Brothers Inc. is located at the Trenton-Robbinsville Airport in New Jersey.



This 1932 Bird is unique in that it was Wiley Post’s first new airplane. He picked the aircraft up at the factory and flew it for at least the first 200 hrs. The aircraft was converted to a sprayer in 1951 and though the hopper was removed, is still generally in that configuration. Though not shown in the photos, the Kinner B5 engine is present as are the landing gear, wheels and brakes. The upper wings appear in good condition as does the right lower. The left lower wing is damaged and will need to be rebuilt. It appears that the aircraft went over on its back as the fin and rudder are bent. Several Bird wing drawings come with this project.


(Click on any image for a larger photo.)
From Top Left to Bottom Right: Top lH wing, Kinner K5, Fuselage, Top RH wing, an upper & lower wing, tail surfaces.

Here is the fuselage frame with much of the extra material that was put on to make the aircraft an ag plane removed. The following series of pictures show close-ups.

The next four shots are the wings after the covering was removed
The shots below show repairs being made to the lower left wing.
The remaining wings will be rebuilt.
The remaining shots show parts and fittings on the lower right wing being removed. This wing will be completely rebuilt.
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