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Posey Brothers Inc. is located at the Trenton-Robbinsville Airport in New Jersey.


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We are a small and cheerful group who enjoy a challenge and an opportunity to learn. We are capable of doing any restoration job in house except plating. We do recognize the special talents of others and farm out some work, notably engine overhaul and some specialized welding.

We are all pilots and enjoy flying what we fix.


about mike posey Mike Posey soloed in 1963 on his 16th birthday. After some college he joined the army and served as a helicopter mechanic from 1969 to 1971. He then finished college and earned his instrument rating, multi engine rating & CFI on the GI bill. He worked night shift in a machine shop while towing gliders and doing some aircraft maintenance. In 1977 Mike's parents took over the operation of the Van Sant Airport in Erwinna, PA, which catered mainly to gliders and antique aircraft. Mike and Larry both went to work with their parents in the daily operation. Mike's A&P and IA ratings proved invaluable in his maintenance responsibilities, and much knowledge was gained working on the older aircraft with their wood and fabric airframes and radial engines.

In 1986 his parents retired from the FBO business and Mike went to work for Stephen Pitcairn in Robbinsville NJ. He was responsible for the restoration of 4 Pitcairn mailwings, a PA7, NC59W, a PA6, NC548K, a PA8, NC10751, a PA7S, NC13158, in addition to a Luscombe 8C, NC28588. He was also responsible for the restoration of the Pitcairn-Cierva PCA-1 autogiro for the Smithsonian .

In the year 2000 Mike formed Posey Brothers Inc. and is proud to be it's president and janitor! He continues to operate out of the hangars at the Robbinsville airport.

about larry posey

Larry Posey soloed in 1964 on his 16th birthday. He accumulated many hours in the Posey family Stearman. He joined the family at Van Sant Airport in 1977 and performed many of the line service duties, in addition to sightseeing rides and glider towing. Larry has over 5000 flights in gliders. Larry would help with restorations and maintenance when the weather was bad.

Larry joined his brother, Mike, in 2001 working at Robbinsville and has been involved in all aspects of antique aircraft restoration from metal fabrication to fabric covering to building wing ribs to painting. His brother considers him indispensable.



Ric Asplundh
soloed in 1976, attended Embry- Riddle Aeronautical University from 1977 to 1982 and accumulated a bunch of ratings and certificates, including his A&P. He flew for the family company from 1982 to 1989. During that time he operated and maintained a Grumman AA5B Tiger, Grumman AA1C Lynx, and Cessna 310R. In 1989 he was hired by USAir and was able to use the 310, and later, an R22 helicopter to commute to work. In 2003 he was furloughed from USAirways, and has been working with the group part time. Ric's claim to fame is showing up just in time to go to lunch.



about kelly



Kelly Posey has been working part time for the past few years and recently has been at the shop full time. She is a master at rib building, rib stitching, covering, varnishing, painting, and will tackle almost anything you can throw at her. Kelly is Mike & Larry's niece, and therefore can keep both Mike & Larry in line.







Dylan Sujet

came to the operation late in 2006 and holds a private glider certificate. He has a BA in Anthropology so he understands old things. His peers & instructors at UBIA thought he was nuts when he said he wanted to work on tube & fabric aircraft, and he was voted least likely to ever touch a jet. He says his three kids know more about airplanes than he does, and that his patient and beautiful wife is more popular in the shop than he is. Her baked goods are his job security. We are happy to have him onboard. Update: Dylan now has his own company “Sujet Aero Restorations” located in Pittstown NJ near Alexandria and Sky Manor Airports. Dylan accepts restoration work there as well as continuing to work on our projects.
For further information contact Dylan at: 908-310-7976

about stephen


Stephen Pitcairn (1924-2008)needs no introduction to the antique aircraft community. He soloed in 1940, and got his instrument rating in a Porterfield. He had just 400 hours in his logbook when he went to work for Eastern Airlines, flying DC3s. He spent about three years there before entering the business world.






about plane

On March 29th 2008 our friend and mentor Stephen Pitcairn passed into the spiritual world after a relatively short battle with cancer. He was 83 years old. He will be missed by his many friends here at Posey Brothers.

09/2005 The PCA2 has been enshrined at the EAA museum and can be seen at the Museum in Oshkosh Wisconsin.
This Autogiro was on loan from the Smithsonian and displayed at the American Helicopter Museum in Brandywine, PA and has now been returned to The Smithsonian for display.





Steve Lindrooth is a retired United 767 Captain. He is currently working on his A&P license. Steve started flying when he was 16 years old, soloed in 1976. Steve worked for Posey Aviation at Van Sant Airport first as a line boy, then as a tow pilot and glider instructor. Steve holds flight instructor rating in both powered airplanes and gliders. Steve is very active in the vintage airplane world and owns a 1932 Brunner Winkle Bird BK.










Juliet Lindrooth is an American Airlines pilot. Juliet enjoys coming over to the shop in a Grumman Tiger (not shown). She also loves being Steve's copilot in the 1932 Brunner Winkle Bird BK. (shown). Juliet is willing to take on any challange in the shop, but usually needs two or three tries to get it perfect. "Remember, that perfect is good enough Juliet." In her spare time, she maintains our website, enjoys being on the ski patrol. In the summer she likes to fly to the local airshows.










John Eckel is a retired USAir pilot. John works part time in the shop doing just about everything and anything. He is a detailed craftsman at any job we ask. John owns and flys his Cessna 140 and enjoys riding his Motorcycle on the nice days.







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